Parade Rules & Regulations

The following rules are designed for the safety of the public, orderly control of the parade and with the specific goal of providing entertainment.


2. Participants may include any pageant winner, political official, manufacturers, retailers, religious groups, civic and community groups, military, school, or entertainment groups and organizations. However, any group or organization must have been in existence for six (6) months prior to application.


3. Participants in the parade shall be allowed to advertise to the extent of signs and handbills showing their identity, groups or affiliations, items manufactured (excluding price) and other related matters to identify the participant. However, participant will in no way be allowed to deliver a message or advertisement except to the extent set out above.

4. Any special event such as helicopter rides, balloon ascensions, eating contests, plays, sports tournaments, etc., shall be able to advertise the time, place, and admission price of such an event in the parade provided such event is sanctioned by the TSF.

5. No person, group, organization, or any member of the parade will be allowed to stop along the parade route unless directed by the chairman of the parade or his duly appointed subordinates. Distance between units shall not exceed 100 to 300 feet. Disregard of this rule shall result in disqualification from judging or removal from the parade. Decision of the Marshall is final.

6. All horses MUST have their OWN “clean up crew” behind them during the parade. Any horse or group of horses that do not have their “cleaning crew” will not be allowed in the parade and will not receive a refund of their parade entry fee. The Dayton Chamber of Commerce, Tennessee Strawberry Festival Committee, and/or any branch of law enforcement shall have the right to ask any unruly, unstable or out of control animal to be removed from the parade. This action may take place at anytime before or during the parade. ALL horses will be placed at the end of the parade no matter when you register.

7. Qualifying participants wishing to participate in the parade shall apply at the Dayton Chamber of Commerce in Dayton, Tennessee, no later than 4:00 pm the Thursday before the parade. The appropriate application fee shall be paid at the time the application is submitted for each entry.

8. Bobtail tractors ONLY. No tractor trailers allowed (18-wheelers).

9. No article such as candy, etc. shall be thrown into the crowd along the parade route from the vehicles in the parade. Items can be distributed by walking participants, THIS IS A CHILD SAFETY ISSUE.

10. No alcoholic beverages are allowed during the line-up, in the parade or along the parade route.

11. It is understood that after each qualifying participant is accepted for parade entry, they shall be under control of the chairman of the Tennessee Strawberry Festival Parade and agrees to follow his/her directions.

12. The Dayton Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to not allow any participant in the parade for whatever reason.

13. No open flames.

Every applicant shall be in receipt of these rules and be put on notice that they may be excluded from the parade at any time, if any of the above rules are not followed and/or they do not meet the qualifying criteria for parade participation.

A Review Board will evaluate applications for final decisions. Review Board decision is final.


Parade entry applications must read the TSF Parade Rules & Regulations & Entry Application and agree to the terms.

The Tennessee Strawberry Festival Steering Committee, Dayton Chamber of Commerce officers and/or directors, all representative property owners will not be held liable for damage of judgments that may be suffered by entrant, participant or spectator to his person or property and agree to indemnify the aforesaid parties against any losses, liability, expense or payment resulting from any such injury to person or property.